Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cost Of Denver Office Space

Renting office space in Denver is expensive, there is no question about it, although recent statistics show that downtown rates tend to go down a bit.

Average leasing rates reached almost $26 per square foot, which is a record, while downtown rates fell to $33 ($1 down, year over year). However, specialists advise to not read too much into these numbers, because Denver’s office market will remain stable. Until now, there were mostly new buyers fixing up old office spaces, which pulled up the rates for leasing; but currently, there is a significant new office space under construction, which is expected to balance things up and keep rental growth in line with the inflation.

Owning your office space in Denver brings with it extra money to pay besides the purchasing costs. First, there is the move, which can be very costly and troublesome, especially if you have a lot of equipment that needs to be packed, transported, unpacked again, at the new destination, and set back up, in its operational state.

Other expensive things are related to maintenance and repairs. Office equipment is not infallible and you may experience unpleasant surprises and even downtime. Make sure that you have financial resources to cover all these aspects.

One way to offset the high rental cost is to consider buying used office furniture. When it comes to buying used office furniture, Denver business owners turn to

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Commercial Real Estate Trends in Colorado

Population growth in Colorado will create new job opportunities that will require new space.

Multifamily is expected to show risen cap rates in the future, which will push prices down; the industrial market will stay strong, therefore industrial space will keep being in demand, especially when it comes to warehouses and industrial centers. As about retail, it is estimated that some of the old sites will be redeveloped, and mixed-use retail will remain in demand, even if traditional retailers currently experience some problems and are expected to remain under pressure. The office category will stay healthy, mainly due to many companies relocating to Colorado, bringing more employees and therefore an increased demand for office spaces.

In the last 5 years, vacancies have declined by 50% due to the leasing activity, which becomes more active by the year.

Regardless the commercial real estate category that we are talking about, statistics show that lease rates, at least in the metro area, are at record highs and they will continue climbing in the next years. Finding space, especially in the industrial real estate market, may be a difficult issue, especially in central areas, precisely due to the competition.

If you plan on buying commercial office space please visit our Denver used office furniture store. We have a wide selection of used office furniture including desk, chairs and more.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Different ways to save money when you set up your startup office

Setting up your startup office will require high capital investment and you risk wasting money if you are not smart enough about expenditure.

1.Set up an energy saving plan Those energy bills quickly pile up in an office, so make sure to use energy-saving modes and strategies. After all, it is an effortless and very simple thing to do.

2.Determine your supplies requirements and avoid wasting resources Keep your supply closet organized, reuse items if possible and do not invest in things that are not truly necessary.

3.Print only what is needed, because excess printing is a waste of paper and ink.

4.Upgrade and reuse computers instead of buying new ones Determine the operating capacities that you need in your office, install more memory and more efficient programs, instead of taking your electronics to the trash while they are still functional.

5.Consider making some energy-efficient changes There are many affordable environmentally-friendly solutions, like solar panels or various modifications that allow the use of more natural light, as well as recycled material for decor, furniture etc.

Remember that every little bit of money that you manage to save is important in the economy of your office, in the short and long run. One last thing you can do is purchase used office furniture for your office which can save you an enormous amount of money.

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How To Shop For Office Space

The decision to buy or rent office space for your business brings many challenges. You will have to make an analysis and determine exactly what you need, before starting shopping:
- choosing the desired location
- estimating the amount of space that you are going to buy (based on the industry that you are in, the number of your employees and your financial position)

You can get started with or without hiring a real estate agent, but it is recommended to have one by your side - it will save you a lot of time and stress, in the process. Do not buy property without a special warranty deed, otherwise you expose yourself to debts and other problems created by previous owners.

If you are on a tight budget, here are some useful tips:
•Look for business incubator programs and you can get reduced costs for what you need: space, equipment etc.
•Consider joining a co-working space. Besides reduced expenses, you will have permanent contact with other like-minded people. Alternatively, you can invest in making your own co-working space, which will bring you money.
•At least temporary, you can work at your local library, or share a place with other professionals.

Lastly if you live in Colorado you can buy used office furniture in Denver from

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

What Are the Savings with Used Cubicles?

Depending on the types of office cubicles you consider buying, the costs can vary a great deal. However, making increased savings is possible in almost every situation when buying second hand cubicles. Fortunately, even though you can’t calculate the precise amount you’d safe, unless you knew everything about the brand of office cubicles you’re considering for your purchase, there are a few easy ways to maximize your savings:

• The first is to buy used cubicles in larger quantities from the same seller. This will not only give you the convenience of having a single business transaction for all your office cubicles, but also provide you with a hefty discount because of your significant purchase.
• Used office furniture at a discount is not that hard to find, and the savings you can make by buying them like that can be extensive. The trick is to look for your new furniture during the time of the year when very few companies buy new office furniture, so that the discounts you find are the largest.
• Buy mainly from local dealers. The location in this case is extremely important because of the large size and heavy weight of most office cubicles. The farther away the dealer is, the more you’d have to pay for shipping and transport.

All in all, used office furniture can be a great choice as long as your options are somewhat limited. However, if you do your research properly, you can even get a few great offers for nearly new office cubicles.

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How to Price Office Cubicles

You may have decided to sell your office cubicles. Whether you’re buying new ones, relocating your business, or just rearranging your office area to make way for other types of office furniture, selling is a good option, since it allows you to get back at least some of the money you may have invested into your current office furniture.

But the question is, how will you price your old office cubicles in such a way that you’ll get the highest possible price for them? While some business owners may believe this to be a difficult task, most experts will tell you that it’s not exactly rocket science.

What you first have to do is do some research into the manufacturing brand of your cubicles, to find out how much they were initially worth. Now, you can’t simply ask the same price and just put up an online auction hoping someone will buy your whole set of cubicles without doing a background check first. Instead, try to evaluate the full extent of the damage or wear and tear that your cubicles may have sustained over the years, and come up with a price that, if you were the buyer, would seem fair to you.

This simple approach will never fail, since most buyers will have the same pragmatic, practical approach to buying office furniture as you do. As a result, you’ll likely get rid of all your cubicles and make a fair amount of money quite soon.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Why Buy a Mesh Office Chair?

There are lots of different types of chairs you can buy for an office or shop. However, if you really want your employees to feel comfortable and fully supported, then mesh office chairs are the way to go – and for very good reason:

• Mesh office chairs can provide you with better ventilation than almost any other chair design. You can rest and maintain your relaxation throughout your work or business period without worrying about sweating and having a chair that doesn’t support your back properly.
• These chairs are also remarkably – and somewhat surprisingly – durable. They can take many years to wear down, when in comparison, fully upholstered chairs will start showing signs of wear and tear far sooner.
• The modern look and slim profile of these chairs is also extremely attractive. If you’re looking for a chair that features a somewhat futuristic design, then you really can’t go wrong with a reliable mesh office chair.
• Finally, the support that these chairs offer through their ergonomic design and easily adjustable features will make you feel thankful after a hard day at the office.

After reviewing these basic facts about mesh office chairs it’s easy to see why they have become so popular. If you’re looking to buy new chairs for your office building, it’s definitely worth considering the office mesh chairs made by some of the top brand manufacturers and retailers present in the United States.

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