Friday, May 29, 2020

Creating Feng Shui In Your Office

Everything For Offices Feng Shei
Here are some Feng Shui office rules designed to attract success in your professional life, eliminate stress and provide positive energy and better productivity.

Desk location
The desk should be placed in such a way that you face a window or at least facing the door. Never work with your back turned to the window because it is considered an attitude that will attract bad luck and drive away opportunities and perspectives.  For office furniture that fits this style look to
Everything for Offices of Denver.

Sunlight attracts promotion
One of the rules of this Asian art which is Feng Shui states that any working space should get natural light. Artificial light may complement it, but natural light is a must in any office.  Sunlight will warm the entire room, attracting and maintaining positive energy, as well as vitalizing you during all those long working hours.

Statuettes relieve tension and stress
In Feng Shui art, statuettes have various meanings and symbolize different things. It is believe that they have the power to improve our lives. For offices, the most suitable statues are those representing roosters (they drive away animosity), dolphins (they bring peace), the figurine Chi Lin (it brings prosperity), the dragon (placed in the east corner of the room, it attracts luck).

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Staying Up To Date On Office Etiquette

office etiquette office chairs space ergonomic environment

Regardless of where you work or the position you occupy within an office, there are certain implicit and common sense rules that most people have to respect in order to contribute to the creation of a pleasant office environment. Besides behaving in a polite manner and avoid arguing in public, there are other aspects to take into account if you work in an office.

Read the following etiquette rules and apply them daily!

  • Do not eat in the office. Regardless of whether you eat a summer salad or a Shaorma, the smell of food spreads throughout the entire office, which is disturbing for the other people. Go to the dining area or go out, if the weather is nice.
  • Use headphones if you listen to music. Do not force your colleagues to listen to the music you prefer, as this is aggressive and rude.
  • Put the phone on vibrations. Do not turn off the sound of your mobile phone only when you are in meetings, but also when you perform your daily professional tasks. The sound of the phone, as well as you talking loudly personal matters is not nice.
  • Know the names of your colleagues. Even if you are one of the people with a very poor memory, try to remember the name and position of each colleague, so you know who you are dealing with.
  • Use perfume, but do not exaggerate. Even if you are very excited about wearing your new perfume, avoid using it too much, because, in a closed space, it can be just as disturbing as the smell of food. Do not force your presence into other people.  For overall good atmosphere keep your space clean and inviting incorporate ergonomic office chairs for comfort.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Common Myths About Office Culture

Common Facts Myths Office Cubicle Talk
If you work hard, you get a promotion

Many people believe that working in an office can help you get a fast promotion, if you exceed the expectations of your employer. This may be true in some cases, but it is not as easy as it sounds, as the office culture can be very tough. If you ignore the politics and the culture of the company, or do not know how to promote yourself and build your personal brand, you can only dream reaching the next level.

You are productive and dedicated if you arrive early at the office and leave late

As with many other myths, there is a bit of truth in this, because many employers tend to appreciate more those employees who are willing to work overtime. Between two employees who share the same tasks, the one who sacrifices their personal time to accomplish a professional task will always look more involved. However, you do not have to be a genius to realize that some of these employees only fake productivity because they are exclusively interested in making a good impression and get some personal advantages out of it.

At the office, you have a second family! 

Current office culture emphasizes the working environment, which is often presented as a second family. This is an exaggeration, and you will realize sooner or later that those team building sessions do not really build much if people are not genuinely interested in building relations and making things work better.  It is always good to respect each other at that level and know how to work good together even though there are differences.  Having above standard office cubicles Denver stores offer is a great way to give each other their space, but still exemplify your personable side.